What our parents and students are saying...

"Encouraging, professional, and family like environment. Beautiful productions. Quality teaching and results without crazy commitments. We love En Pointe!"  ~ Tennisa Nordfelt 
"It is one of the few schools where a male dancer, boy or man, can learn without feeling like their masculinity has been compromised. Great environment for learning and developing technique. Opportunities for performing in full ballets." ~ Mr. Ariel Paraso
"I don't know what you could possibly be doing to make boys beg for dance classes but it is working!"   ~ Tiffany Greenland 
"I definitely give En Pointe 5 stars!! We have been with En Pointe School of Ballet since 2015 and have loved every minute of it! Rachael is extremely knowledgeable about ballet technique and how to protect the body from injuries. She really cares about her dancers and it shows in the way she treats all of them and their families. The other teachers are well trained, kind and professional. The studio is clean and well maintained. The performances are beautiful and well organized. Rachael puts a lot of thought, effort, and time into each musical piece, the costume and accessories, the props, and the scenery for each performance. She really loves what she does and puts in the time and effort to prove it. We will be with Rachael and the En Pointe family for many years to come!" ~ Carole Bingham
"So glad we found En Pointe! Rachael is an amazing instructor who has helped my shy daughter open up, and love ballet."  ~ Ashley Giessing 
"I can’t say enough wonderful things about this ballet studio. Rachael has put together a fabulous classical program. My children are in her pre-ballet classes, one for girls and one for boys, and both absolutely love it. I particularly appreciate that the classes for boys are all-boy. Rachael teaches the pre-ballet students, but they also have a male teacher. They focus on strength and dexterity, exactly the skills needed in many sports. Rachael and her teachers make learning the techniques of classical ballet very accessible to young dancers. My kids randomly start practicing the new words and exercises they are learning because they are excited about their lessons. The atmosphere of the school is positive and friendly. I highly recommend En Pointe to dancers of all ages."  ~ Britain Soderquist
"Love this studio. Kind and caring teachers and great atmosphere. My daughter started here at three and has enjoyed it so much. She feels so special being a “ballerina”. And the performance at the end of the year is a true Ballet. The quality costumes, set and dancing sets this company apart from the rest."  ~ Michelle Gardner 
"I worked at En Pointe School of Ballet as an instructor for 3 years, danced for them for 4 and have known the owner, Rachael for 11 years. If it weren't for my husband's job change that moved us away, I would have stayed my entire life. Rachael gives her whole heart and soul into every single aspect of her studio. Her students happiness and education is #1. She creates beautiful pre-professional productions that showcase dancers talents and provides an opportunity for them to  become a character and be a part of something bigger than just a recital. She requires that her instructors put a strong emphasis on technique and building strength in her students safely and effectively. As an instructor under her, I have witnessed the benefits of this as the dancers ability and strength greatly improves with each passing year. She and her instructors love and believe in their students. They work tirelessly to ensure they are always improving in technique, strength, and to make sure they have a passion for ballet, just as they do. She's cultivated an environment of constant learning, healthy growth, motivation and joy. There is no other studio in the world like En Pointe School of Ballet, because they're all missing one very important thing - Rachael." ~ M'Kenna Grace Sorensen