Dress Code


*Students are required to wear proper ballet attire. 

   En Pointe Ballet follows the traditional ballet dress code to promote uniformity and professionalism.


Pre-School and Kindergarten classes wear Baby Pink leotards.
All others wear Black leotards in the style of their choice 
 as long as they are modest and not revealing
Ballet Pink seamless tights that cover the foot
(Underwear should not be worn, as the tights serve as underwear)
Ballet Slippers-Pink Leather only  
(Split sole slippers are preferred, but not required)
The satin slippers sold in the children’s dept at Walmart
are NOT suitable for ballet.
Allowed for all classes if they are sheer, above the knee, 
and the same color as the leotard  (NO Tutus Please)
All girls with hair chin length or longer
must wear their hair in a traditional ballet bun for every class.
Girls with very short hair must have their hair 
secured neatly off their face.  
Pre-pointe/ Pointe classes
Pink convertible tights, black leotard, black short skirt
  Pointe shoes upon teacher recommendation only.
We oversee all pointe shoe fittings personally
Black leggings or fitted capri's
Black semi-fitted shirt or black leotard
Pink ballet slippers...split-sole preferred
Male students
Boys - White T-shirt and black dance leggings
Black ballet shoes and white socks. 
Men - Black T-shirt, black men's tights, dance belt
Black ballet shoes 
Should be kept to a minimum (tiny earrings are permitted)
Hoop earrings, bracelets, and necklaces can be dangerous in ballet class 
and are not allowed. 
All personal jewelry, other than tiny earrings, is prohibited during picture days, performances and partnering classes.
Please Label Everything
All bags and ballet slippers must be labeled with student’s name.
The studio is not responsible for lost or unlabeled items.
Ballet Slippers should NEVER be worn outside
For the sake of modesty students should wear something to cover their ballet attire when coming to and from ballet classes.
**Winter Note**
Especially during the winter months please wear legwarmers, sweat pants or pajama pants to keep legs warm before and after class.