Monthly Tuition & Fees

 $70 per month - 1 hour class per week*
*See pricing breakdown for pre-ballet pricing

Multiple Class & Family Discounts offered
Bundled multiple classes equals lower per class tuition rate
**Complete pricing breakdown chart below**
Additional Annual Fees
Annual Registration Fee $30 single dancer, $50 per family
Costume Purchase Fee $70 per dancer/per class
Nutcracker Costume Rental $35 per costume if in multiple classes
$20 Digital Performance Link Fee per family in November and May
(Every Family will receive links to all of the performances from Nutcracker & our June performances to download & share recorded by a professional film crew) 

Special Pricing Male Dancers 
Partnering / Pas de deux classes - free for boys & men
$70 Unlimited Men's Ballet technique & Partnering Classes
Men only - $20 for each additional class:
Conditioning, PBT, Turns & Leaps
Weight training (Once available)

Adult Classes
$80 per month unlimited classes 
$15.00 trial class or drop-in option adults only
Must be 18 or older
Pointe Classes Minimum Requirements
Pre-pointe - 2 pre-pointe classes per week required
Pointe - 2-3 pointe classes per week required
Private Lessons $60 per hour
We have 3 studios that we rent/subcontract during the day and on Saturdays. Contact us to schedule a walk-through and discuss the terms.