Pas De Deux (Partnering) Classes

 In ballet, a pas de deux (French, literally "step of two") is a dance duet in which two dancers, typically a male and a female, perform ballet steps together. Partnering classes are an important part of the training for our male and female dancers. 
  • No cost for Male dancers to participate in partnering classes.
  • Male dancers are invited to attend more than one level
  • Female dancers are by invitation when there is space available, but please let us know if you are interested by registering for our wait list. 


Partnering Classes at En Pointe are unique classes since we have a significant number of teenage and adult male dancers. This is a vital part of our curriculum to prepare dancers for our performances and potential performing careers, as well as just the enjoyment of learning to partner with our female pointe students. It is an environment and an experience that will enrich your life. No experience necessary since we have multiple levels. We welcome new male dancers year-round to try our classes. 



Junior Partnering: ages 10-12 Co-ed - Pre-Pointe students & Beginning - Intermediate Boys. This is a beginning partnering class to get students acquainted with basic partnering techniques. No Audition Required. Space is limited to keep the ratio of boys to girls equal. Taught by a male and female pair. 

Partnering 1: ages 13 & up - Co-ed - Pointe Students ONLY & Beginning-Intermediate Men. A beginning Partnering class for girls on pointe and men over the age of 13  to learn and develop  fundamental partnering skills and lifts. Space is limited to keep the ratio of boys to girls equal. 

Partnering 2: Audition/ Invitation only - Coed - Pointe Students ONLY & Beginning-Intermediate Men. This is an intermediate partnering class that builds on the foundation learned in Partnering 1 and begins to introduce more advanced partnering techniques and lifts. Men taking this class must be old enough and have the physical capability to lift weights safely within the approved age range listed on the website.

Partnering 3: Audition ONLY - Co-ed This is an advanced partnering class that assumes all fundamentals are mostly mastered. Students in this class will learn professional-level choreography throughout the year. In this class students will be thrown into the deep end and have high expectations to work on their personal strength and ballet technique outside of class. 

Partnering 4: Audition ONLY - Co-ed Principal level partnering class for rehearsals. Advanced lifts and professional level choreography and variations are learned throughout the year. Attendance is crucial since this will be the main rehearsal time for principals to prepare for our performances.