Boys & Men's Classes

Our Boys and Men's Program has been very successful
and our guys love it! 

We started our boys program in 2012 and it is growing each year.  
"I don't know what you could possibly be doing 
to make boys beg for dance classes but it is working!"  
~ Tiffany Greenland 


 A boys program was introduced to the curriculum in 2012 that has already grown to include multiple boys classes, men's classes, and partnering classes and is continuing to expand.  If your son wants to learn to dance, this is an exceptional environment for him.

Our belief and philosophy for training boys in ballet is that boys absolutely need to be in classes with other boys.  When a boy who loves to dance looks around and sees that he is surrounded by girls, all dressed in pink, they begin to question their desire to dance and come to the conclusion that ballet is for girls.  We have solved that problem with our "Boys Only" classes.

En Pointe is the perfect place for a boy to learn to dance and fully embrace the athleticism of ballet. They learn discipline, focus, and respect for the art form of ballet as well as musicality, coordination, incredible strength and flexibility. Every boy should learn to dance as it greatly enriches their lives in so many ways. 

Our boys and men's ballet classes are designed specifically for male dancers and emphasize strengthening, stretching, and correct ballet technique in a fun atmosphere where boys can feel comfortable dancing and learning ballet, with other boys.

 Ballet helps improve strength and agility for sports.  Ballet classes are great for developing balance and agility and working on leaps, jumps, and turns in a masculine movement style. When they are teenagers and strong enough, they will have the opportunity to learn partnering with the pointe students in our ballet school.  

Our Boys 2020 - in our previous home studio



Our Men 2020

Just after our new studio was framed



Our male dancers have the opportunity to perform masculine roles in a full length story ballet each spring with acting and dancing and also partnering with our pointe students. Partnering typically begins at age 12. Our men have the opportunity to audition and perform principal and solo roles as well as many fun character roles.  If you enjoy theater or acting, there is a good chance you would enjoy performing in our ballets.