Weekday/Daytime Studio Rentals

We have 3 large ballrooms in our building with hardwood floors, mirrors and high ceilings that are available to rent for one time needs as well as an extended basis during the week up until 3:00pm.
Other styles of Dance, Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, Jazzercise, belly dance, etc. for group or Private lessons.   
Contact Mariah.epb@gmail.com to discuss pricing and details. 
 Studio Ballroom 1 - South Studio
 (25’ x 49’ and 12 foot ceilings)
Studio Ballroom 2 - Grand Studio
(27’ x 49’ and 15 foot ceilings)
Studio Ballroom 3 - North Studio
(25’ x 49’ and 12 foot ceilings)