Free Month Offer

We offer a free month to try our Boys Ballet classes, Men's ballet classes 
and partnering classes.  
After the free month, if they continue, it is only $45 per month for 
one hour each week or $60 for unlimited classes for the men's classes.
Partnering classes are always free for teens and men
You can expect to pay for 2 -3 costume rentals for Teen and adult dancers
Typically one costume purchase for dancers under age 12




 Limited funds are available for full/partial financial need-based scholarships.

We believe in helping male dancers who cannot afford classes to be able to continue learning ballet. 


Scholarship Students are expected to:

Be dedicated to the study of ballet
No unapproved absences
Make up any classes missed
Take extra classes to improve strength and technique
Maintain exemplary behavior and positive attitude
Comply with the studio policies
Wear the required ballet attire
Assist with Studio events and loading crew
Assist in cleaning the ballet studio once a month

Parents of Scholarship Students are expected to:

Ensure that their dancer attends their classes, rehearsals and events
Volunteer when possible beyond the required 10 hours
Students/parents who do not consistently meet expectations will forfeit their scholarship.