Our Core Values

Students learn from classically trained and highly qualified instructors to give each individual dancer a solid technical foundation in a fun and professional environment so they can take ballet as far as they dream to take it.
We teach so much more than just ballet. We are teaching teamwork, discipline, confidence, and supporting each other. We teach each individual student by making corrections that help them to improve and giving compliments to build their self-esteem. 
Students develop artistry through quality ballet education, rehearsals, and pre-professional performance opportunities as they work together to create and present a full- length story ballet, and strive for excellence in everything they do.
Integrity and self-mastery are important to succeed as dancers and individuals. Dancers learn to push themselves to achieve their goals and reach their fullest potential and the discipline they gain is the key to success in many aspects of their lives.
Our classes include a structured syllabus for each level for male and female dancers. Our boys' and men's classes encourage male danseurs to embrace the masculinity and athleticism of ballet through specialty classes for men's technique, including pas de deux classes. Our female classes work progressively toward strengthening and preparing for pointe shoes and becoming strong enough to partner with our men.
Protecting dancer's bodies from extreme overstretching and damaging technique flaws is our goal. We use time tested methods for training turnout to protect their knees and backs. Our minimum age is 12 for pointe shoes to protect feet, knees, hips and backs.
We fully embrace the elegance and tradition of classical ballet and endeavor to instill a lifelong love of ballet and learning. An art form as beautiful and exquisite as ballet should be experienced in an elegant environment.
Dancers are inspired to create freely and express themselves with confidence in an uplifting atmosphere, and to strive daily for their personal best as they support and strengthen each other in the studio and on the stage.
Our Mission
Our mission is to preserve the elegance and tradition of classical ballet through quality technique and full-length traditional ballet performances in an uplifting, nurturing and inspiring environment.
Vision Statement
We are committed to teaching quality ballet technique in an uplifting environment that encourages self-worth, dedication, integrity, kindness, joy, and a welcoming family atmosphere.