Costume & Performance Fees

Our annual performance is the first weekend in June 
Our students perform a full length story ballet each year and have the opportunity to learn
variations and choreography from professional ballets.
We will be adding Nutcracker to our repertoire December 2021
Our students will then have the opportunity to perform twice each year and enjoy this annual ballet tradition.
Costume Fee $60 per dancer /per class - Class assistants and Partnering classes may require an additional costume fee.
Once costumes are ordered, they are non refundable  (Due in October/November)    
Family Performance Fee $100 per family - The performance fee covers the venue rental for 3 days and other performance expenses and is divided equally between En Pointe families. (Due in February/March)
2 Performances - All classes perform in at least one of our performances. Principal dancers and soloists perform in only one performance since we have 2 casts of principals. The principal dancers and soloists are backstage during the performance they are not performing in as understudies for their principal role as well as their class dance(s), ready to go on at a moment's notice if needed.
Performance Ticket Sales - The performance fee entitles each family to 4 complimentary tickets to the performance of their choice.  Additional tickets will be available for purchase at the door one hour prior to performances for $10.00 each and there are many opportunities to volunteer to earn free tickets. 
Principal dancers are required to pay an additional $50 for Monthly Tuition once extra rehearsals begin in November.  This covers their extra rehearsals no matter how many additional classes they attend to rehearse with other characters. Costumes will be $60 to purchase or $25 costume rental may be an option for some characters.  They may also be responsible for purchasing or renting extra costumes as some characters have multiple costumes.

Solos and Duets who are not part of a class of soloists may also be required to pay an additional $50 for Monthly Tuition once their extra rehearsals begin, usually January or February.  They may also be responsible for purchasing an extra costume for $60.  Sometimes I may have a costume they can rent for $25.

Q & A

Questions & Answers about performance & costume fees

Why do we pay for costumes in September and October? I order costumes in October to take advantage of clearance sales to keep the costume prices as low as I can. We divide it into 2 payments to make it easier on families. Families are welcome to pay it in one payment if preferred.

Why do we pay a $100 performance fee in February and March? $100 is a common amount for studios to charge per family to cover the building rental and performance costs, though there are some studios who charge $50 per dancer.  We charge this fee per family to divide the venue rental equally among all of the families. This is a necessary fee to pay for the building rental for our staging rehearsal, dress rehearsal and performance days, which costs several thousands of dollars for three days. We have to pay the full amount to the school district in April. There are also many additional costs including printing performance programs, snacks & activities for the dancers backstage, refreshments for the dancers & stage crew after the performance, moving truck rental for scenery and props, scenery costs, etc. 

Why do we pay June Tuition if we have no classes in June? All of our teachers work backstage for the entire dress rehearsal plus the full day of performances and they are paid for those hours. That number of hours adds up to more than a month's worth of class instruction for each student.  A performance is a learning experience for the students even if it does happen on a stage instead of in the studio. It is common practice for studios to charge for the performance month even with no class hours taught that month. Many studios collect June tuition up front when a dancer registers, much like collecting first and last month's rent. I choose not to do it that way since most families are also buying new dance attire, school clothes, school expenses and school fees at the same time. It would be easier on me if I did it this way, but I try to decrease the impact on families as much as I can. 

Why are we required 10 hours of volunteer time per family each year? A performance of this scale and professional level requires a significant amount of help backstage, in the dressing rooms, and in the lobby. We also need volunteers during all of the preparations for months before the performances.  In January, volunteers can help with steaming and altering costumes during their dancers' classes. We also need help in the spring with making props and building and painting scenery. In March of each year we post volunteer sheets to sign up for your favorite ways to volunteer during the Staging Rehearsal, Dress Rehearsal and performances. With 2 performances, it is possible for parents to watch their dancer in one and volunteer during the other one. It is also an unforgettable experience to be backstage with your dancer as a class parent volunteer. Loading and unloading the truck at the performance venue and then back at the studio afterward is often a family volunteer effort and can quickly meet the volunteer hours and is very much needed. We simply could not do this without all of our amazing ballet families. We are so grateful for the many volunteers who help us every year.