Class Descriptions & Times

Pre-pointe 1 - Wednesday +Friday 4:00-5:00 OR Wednesday + Friday 5:30-6:30

Pre-teen Beginning Ballet- Monday 7:00-8:00 + Thursday 8:00-9:00

Teen Pre-pointe 1- Tuesday 4:00-5:00 + Thursday 4:00-5:30

Adult pre-pointe - Tuesday 8:00-9:00 + Thursday 8:00-9:00

For all new pre-pointe age students a placement class is required to determine the appropriate level. 


Pre-Pointe 1 (ages 10 and 11) 
2 classes per week required. Must be 11 before January 1st. This is a preparation class that will build strength in feet and ankles for Pointe shoes, increasing stamina and skills.    

Beginning Teen Pre-Pointe 

Two classes per week required. This class helps teens to achieve their dreams to dance en pointe. Teenagers tend to learn and catch up quickly, and this class is specifically for teens who are returning to or beginning ballet to focus on catching up to their peers. It is not too late to begin ballet as a teenager. This is a preparation class that will build strength in feet and ankles for Pointe shoes, increasing stamina and skills, and solidifying knowledge of ballet technique and vocabulary. Do not purchase pointe shoes until next year, after your dancer receives her pointe recommendation letter. Dancers must pass our pointe strength tests during their second year of  pre-pointe before they will be recommended to purchase pointe shoes approximately mid season. We will have a class pointe shoe fitting in the studio when the whole class is ready to begin and learn together.   

Excellent attendance is expected and makeup classes are required for each absence to maintain strength and technique. If attendance requirements are not met, dancers will not be permitted to progress to Pre-pointe 2 (Beginning Pointe)

The attire for this class is a black leotard in a style of your choice, short sheer black skirt if desired, or short black dance shorts, pink convertible tights with a hole in the arch of the foot, pink leather or stretch canvas split-sole ballet slippers. Hair should be pulled back in a bun if possible.


Additional Conditioning classes, PBT, Turns and Leaps, and Partnering classes are recommended to enhance training and strength to prepare for pointe.