Performance Costs Q & A

Why do we pay for costumes in September, October and November? We order costumes in October to take advantage of clearance and special sales to keep the costume prices as low as I can. We divide it into 3 payments to make it easier on families. Nutcracker costumes are a $30 Rental per costume. Most classes only have one costume rental. Pointe levels and above usually have more than one. The June Ballet Performance is a $60 purchase and you get to keep the costume after the performance.

Why do we pay a $20 Digital Recording fee for each performance? 

If we had chosen to stay with our old videographer, the price was increasing to $20 for one DVD, so 4 shows was the best value we could provide for our families for the same price. For those who have dancers only in one cast, this is still an excellent value since many have friends and family in the other casts and they will have the opportunity to see them perform. Since Many of our dancers are in all 4 performances, you will be able to have a copy of all of their performances instead of having to choose. 

Charging each family $20 is a requirement from our videographer. En Pointe Ballet does not profit from providing this service for you! At $20 a family, that will allow us the means to pay the videographers' cost to pay their employees for recording and editing 4 performances. We have looked into other avenues, and have found that this company will give us a much better deal! Thank you so much for your patience! Researching the best way to provide you and your families with the memories you cherish has taken time which is why we are just now announcing it. 

Why do we pay June Tuition if we have no classes in June? All of our teachers work backstage for the entire dress rehearsal plus the full day of performances and they are paid for those hours. That number of hours adds up to more than a month's worth of class instruction for each student.  A performance is a learning experience for the students even if it does happen on a stage instead of in the studio. It is common practice for studios to charge for the performance month even with no class hours taught that month. In fact I do not know of a single studio that doesn't do that. Many studios collect June tuition up front when a dancer registers, much like collecting first and last month's rent. I choose not to do it that way since most families are also buying new dance attire and school clothes and have many school expenses and fees at the same time. It would be easier on me if I did it this way, but I try to decrease the impact on families as much as I can. 

Why do we pay full tuition in December and months that have holidays? Tuition is divided into the number of classes per season annually and the full tuition price is divided into monthly payments.