Performance Costs Q & A

Why do we pay for costumes in September and October? I order costumes in October to take advantage of clearance sales to keep the costume prices as low as I can. We divide it into 2 payments to make it easier on families.

Why do we pay a $100 performance fee in February and March? $100 is a common amount for studios to charge per family to cover the building rental and performance costs, though there are some studios who charge $50 per dancer.  We charge this fee per family to divide the cost equally among all of the families. This is a necessary fee to pay for the building rental for our staging rehearsal, dress rehearsal and performance days, which costs several thousands of dollars for three days. We have to pay the full amount to the school district in April. There are also many additional costs including printing programs, snacks and activities for the dancers backstage, refreshments for the dancers and stage crew after the performance, truck rental, scenery costs, etc. 

Why do we pay June Tuition if we have no classes in June? All of our teachers work backstage for the entire dress rehearsal plus the full day of performances and they are paid for those hours. That number of hours adds up to more than a month's worth of class instruction for each student.  A performance is a learning experience for the students even if it does happen on a stage instead of in the studio. It is common practice for studios to charge for the performance month even with no class hours taught that month. In fact I do not know of a single studio that doesn't do that. Many studios collect June tuition up front when a dancer registers, much like collecting first and last month's rent. I choose not to do it that way since most families are also buying new dance attire and school clothes and have many school expenses and fees at the same time. It would be easier on me if I did it this way, but I try to decrease the impact on families as much as I can.