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En Pointe Ballet’s new adaptive dance program takes our existing ballet program and adapts exercises for children who are differently-abled. Students may have a disability but they also have so much ability! Ballet- Ability provides the opportunity for children with physical or developmental disabilities such as autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and even those in a wheelchair to be able to enjoy ballet.

Behaviorally, ballet helps children self-regulate, focus, improve attention span and listening skills, and also learn proper classroom etiquette. Ballet improves posture and balance, increases muscle coordination in both gross and fine motor skills, working bi- and cross-laterally, increases strength and flexibility, body awareness and confidence. Experiencing the joy of dance and friendships are just a few of the emotional benefits of this class. 

Our desire is to enrich the lives of all children through movement and learning ballet terminology through adapted technique in an encouraging and nurturing environment. This class has multiple teen assistants so each dancer has personal mentoring and assistance during classes. The class structure will be adapted to the needs of the enrolled students.