Heather Winegar

  • Heather Winegar found her love of dance as a teenager, and began assistant teaching within her first few years of formal classes. 
    While Heather has preformed and taught classes in modern, jazz, tap, folk dance, hip hop, and was a member of West Jordan High School's color guard, ballet has always been her passion. 

    Heather completed a Bachelor's Degree in Dance Performance (with minors in French and Art History) from Southern Utah University in 2017 with a capstone project on injury prevention in dance, and completed her second Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education from Rasmussen University in 2021.

    During the course of her bachelor's degree, Heather was able to perform in an exert of Balanchine's Serenade, as well as learning excerpts from his Concerto Barocco and Stars and Stripes. She also performed in Gamut staged by a member of RDT, as well as various student and faculty choreographed pieces. 

    Heather has a deep love of technique, and loves the challenge of making small adjustments to perfect technique and improve little by little. She has a strong knowledge of injury prevention and enjoys creating and teaching combinations that build on each other and challenge students to improve their technique and challenge their brains. Heather feels that technique is the foundation that helps students become successful while staying physically safe and avoiding injuries. Heather incorporates body positivity in all of her classes and strives to help students understand their bodies and how they work and helping them apply this knowledge to their dancing and technique.